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In the simulation, there are a few options to program the robot through dialogue or to program the robot with standard robot programming languages. These languages include mainly Simulink, Mathlab/Simulink [@ZY2018] and Matlab/RobotC [@TU2017] that are used to program the robot using imperative, state-based and functional programming styles, respectively. There are few methods that allow users to generate a robot’s *mind map*, these include the tools which use the *Brain-Computer Interface* (BCI) [@TU2017a], such as the *Myriad 2* and the *Mindreader 2*. The Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) works when an user understands how to control the computer with his/her brain by using evoked potentials and the P300 [@TU2017a]. It helps the users to control the computer using the P300 waves, it has been reported that the BCI system can be used for rehabilitation, and for people with BCI illiteracy [@TU2017a]. Human-robot dialogue is one of the challenges in robotics. The human-robot dialogue is a natural way to communicate with the robot. If the system is working as expected, the user can quickly achieve the desired task using the system. However, it is not easy to design an effective system for human-robot dialogue, due to the changes and variations in the scenarios and interaction between the robot and the user. *Mind-Modeling* [@TU2017a] is a powerful tool for modeling, simulation, planning, and designing the user’s desires and desires of the user. Recently, there has been an increased interest in the use of the BCI for driving the robot from the user’s brain, these include [@BA2014]. An effective approach to design an effective system is to perform the user studies to ensure the credibility of the system, and to ensure that the people can drive the robot using the BCI. Therefore, in this paper, we present the results of the user study conducted to investigate the usability of the Mindreader 2 and Myriad 2 using the P300 BCI. Materials and methods ===================== The aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of the Myriad 2 and Mindreader 2 software, compared to the Myriad 1 software. The hypothesis of this study is that Myriad



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